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After serving the New York Metropolitan area for over a decade Passion Foods relocated to sunny Miami, FL in 2007. We provide the very best catering and event planning services for corporate, private and production events. We will cater small gatherings from five people to full scale events up to 500 people. Our impressive list of clients include: Elle Magazine, Macys, Target, Victoria Secret, Vogue Magazine, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci to name a few. 


Passion Foods is dedicated to excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering foods that are memorable. We use only the freshest ingredients and support local producers. Our creative kitchen staff has years of experience in the food industry. They continue to create exceptional dishes that are on the cutting edge of the culinary world. We promise to treat each client as individually as possible. We will work by your schedule, budget, and any dietary requirements.


Our Chef Ian McSwain studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. He graduate at the top of his class and went on to work under many chefs in New York, New Delhi, Milan, Atlanta and Tokyo. His passion for food has been with him since early childhood. He grew up in New Orleans and comes from a long line of great cooks.

Ian McSwain

Executive Chef

Passion Foods, Inc.

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